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7 Greatest & 5 Worst Avocado Companion Vegetation

7 Greatest & 5 Worst Avocado Companion Vegetation



Steve Yoder

I am Steve, a 30-something city gardener fascinated by companion planting analysis. Rising up surrounded by greenery sparked my ardour for gardening early on. I take pleasure in reworking my small yard, experimenting with companion planting strategies and eco-friendly practices. Sustainability issues—I advocate for native vegetation and composting.

On this information, we delve into the 7 greatest and 5 worst companion vegetation for avocados, exploring how the suitable—or improper—plant neighbors can affect your avocado tree’s progress and yield. Let’s embark on a journey to boost our avocado bushes’ surroundings, guaranteeing they thrive alongside companions that contribute to their well-being, whereas steering away from those who might spell bother.

Avocado Companion Vegetation in A Nutshell



Nasturtiums are outstanding allies for avocado bushes, providing each magnificence and useful properties. These vibrant flowers not solely add a splash of coloration to your backyard but additionally appeal to pollinators and repel undesirable pests, making a more healthy surroundings to your avocados. Why plant them collectively? Nasturtiums function a pure pest deterrent, saving your avocados from frequent threats with out the necessity for harsh chemical substances.

To plant nasturtiums with avocado bushes:

  1. Select a sunny spot close to your avocado tree.
  2. Sow nasturtium seeds straight into the soil, guaranteeing they’re spaced about 10 inches aside.
  3. Water usually, maintaining the soil moist however not waterlogged.
  4. As they develop, nasturtiums will present floor cowl, lowering weeds and retaining soil moisture.

All in favour of extra companion vegetation? Discover our detailed information on nasturtium companion vegetation.


Marigold in your Garden

Marigolds are one other wonderful alternative for avocado companion planting. Their capacity to repel nematodes—a typical soil pest—protects the fragile roots of avocado bushes, selling a more healthy progress surroundings. Marigolds should not simply sensible; in addition they beautify the backyard with their golden blooms.

Planting marigolds with avocados entails:

  1. Deciding on a location that receives full daylight.
  2. Planting marigold seeds or seedlings across the base of the avocado tree.
  3. Maintaining the soil persistently moist, particularly within the first few weeks.
  4. Having fun with the twin advantages of pest management and aesthetic enchantment because the marigolds flourish.

For an in-depth have a look at marigold companion vegetation, try our complete publish right here.


Basil seedlings

Basil stands out as a unbelievable companion for avocados attributable to its sturdy scent, which naturally repels pests like flies and mosquitoes. This herb enhances the encompassing surroundings of avocado bushes by selling a pest-free zone. Basil’s fragrant leaves will also be harvested so as to add taste to your culinary creations, making it a dual-purpose companion plant.

To efficiently plant basil with avocados:

  1. Discover a sunny location close to your avocado tree the place basil can thrive.
  2. Plant basil seeds or seedlings, guaranteeing they’re spaced about 12 inches aside for optimum progress.
  3. Water usually, maintaining the soil evenly moist.
  4. Harvest basil leaves as wanted, encouraging a bushier progress and steady pest safety.

Dive deeper into basil and its companion planting advantages at basil companion vegetation.


garlic and tomato companion plants

Garlic acts as a robust ally for avocado bushes by deterring frequent pests reminiscent of aphids and borers, due to its sturdy odor. This allium member of the family not solely protects avocados from undesirable guests but additionally enriches the soil with important vitamins, selling total backyard well being.

To combine garlic into your avocado companion planting:

  1. Select a location with full solar to partial shade close to your avocado tree.
  2. Plant garlic cloves, pointed find yourself, about 4 inches aside and a couple of inches deep within the soil.
  3. Water persistently to maintain the soil moist, significantly throughout dry intervals.
  4. Harvest garlic because it matures, and revel in the additional advantage of getting contemporary garlic at hand.

Be taught extra concerning the wonders of garlic within the backyard at garlic companion vegetation.


chives seedlings

Chives, with their delicate onion-like taste, provide extra than simply culinary versatility. They repel pests reminiscent of aphids and mites, safeguarding avocado bushes. Moreover, chives enhance soil high quality and promote pollinator exercise, contributing to a extra productive avocado harvest.

To plant chives round your avocado tree:

  1. Choose a spot with full solar to make sure vigorous progress.
  2. Plant chive seeds or divisions about 8 inches aside, permitting room for his or her clumping progress behavior.
  3. Preserve constant soil moisture via common watering.
  4. Lower chives as wanted for cooking, which additionally encourages new progress and continued pest safety.

For an in depth information on chive companions, go to chive companion vegetation.



Lemongrass, identified for its citronella-like scent, acts as a pure repellent in opposition to mosquitoes and different pests, making it a wonderful companion for avocados. This tropical grass not solely enhances backyard aesthetics with its tall, swish foliage but additionally contributes to a extra balanced ecosystem round your avocado tree.

Planting lemongrass with avocado entails:

  1. Selecting a well-drained, sunny location close to your avocado tree.
  2. Planting lemongrass both from seed or as small vegetation, spaced about 24 inches aside to accommodate their measurement.
  3. Watering usually to maintain the soil moist, particularly in sizzling, dry circumstances.
  4. Harvesting lemongrass stalks for culinary use, which inspires additional progress and pest safety.

Discover the advantages of lemongrass in companion planting at lemongrass companion vegetation.


Tansy is useful for avocado bushes attributable to its capacity to repel a number of pests, together with ants and a few nematode species. Its vibrant yellow flowers additionally appeal to useful bugs, selling a more healthy backyard ecosystem. Nevertheless, deal with tansy with care, as it might change into invasive if not managed correctly.

To include tansy into your backyard:

  1. Plant tansy in a managed space or container to forestall it from spreading unchecked.
  2. Select a location with full solar to partial shade.
  3. Plant tansy seeds or seedlings, spacing them about 18 inches aside.
  4. Water reasonably, as tansy is drought-tolerant as soon as established.

What to not Plant with Avocado Bushes

In terms of companion planting, it’s important to contemplate not solely the useful vegetation but additionally those who may need opposed results on avocado bushes. Listed below are 5 vegetation to keep away from planting close to avocado bushes:


Walnuts include allelopathic compounds that may inhibit the expansion of avocado bushes. These compounds launched by walnut roots can hinder the event and total well being of avocado bushes, making them unsuitable companions.



Fennel is thought to draw pests that may hurt avocados. Whereas fennel itself could have some advantages in sure gardening contexts, its capacity to attract pests makes it a much less fascinating plant to have close to avocado bushes, which already require safety from varied pests.

Cabbage and Its Kinfolk

Lettuce and Broccoli

Cabbage and its kinfolk, together with broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts, compete for vitamins and water. Planting these brassica greens close to avocado bushes can result in elevated competitors for important assets, doubtlessly stunting the expansion of each plant sorts.


what not to plant with potato

Potatoes pose a danger of sharing frequent pests and illnesses with avocado bushes. Planting potatoes close to avocados can create an surroundings conducive to the unfold of pests and illnesses, resulting in decreased well being and productiveness for each crops.


Apple Mint seedlings

Mint is infamous for its invasive nature, sending out runners and rapidly spreading all through backyard beds. This aggressive progress can overwhelm the basis methods of close by avocado bushes, doubtlessly disrupting their entry to water and vitamins.

Avoiding these vegetation round avocado bushes will help preserve a wholesome and productive rising surroundings to your avocado crop. At all times contemplate the compatibility of vegetation when planning your backyard to maximise the advantages of companion planting.

Companion Planting Chart for Avocado Bushes

Right here’s a fast reference chart summarizing the great companions for avocado bushes and key causes to plant them collectively:

Good Companion Vegetation Causes to Plant Collectively
Nasturtium Pest deterrent, attracts pollinators
Marigolds Nematode repellent, beautifies backyard
Basil Repels pests, enhances taste profile
Garlic Deters pests, enriches soil
Chives Improves soil high quality, repels pests
Lemongrass Mosquito repellent, aesthetic enchantment
Tansy Repels pests, attracts useful bugs

Enhancing your avocado tree’s environment with these companion vegetation not solely boosts its progress and fruit yield but additionally contributes to a extra vibrant, wholesome, and sustainable backyard ecosystem. Keep in mind, companion planting is as a lot an artwork as it’s a science, so be at liberty to experiment and observe what works greatest in your distinctive backyard surroundings.



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