Home Organic Food THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY — Farm Invoice Information, April 2024 — The Dust

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY — Farm Invoice Information, April 2024 — The Dust

THE GOOD, THE BAD, AND THE UGLY — Farm Invoice Information, April 2024 — The Dust



Challenges for Small-Scale, Diversified Growers


Crop insurers are usually compensated by way of commissions or percentages of the general crop insurance coverage contract. This implies they earn a portion of the premiums paid by the farmer for the insurance coverage protection.


The motivation for insurers lies in maximizing their commissions, which frequently correlates with the dimensions and ease of contracts. Insuring a bigger farm with fewer crop varieties is extra financially interesting as a result of:

·       The insurer avoids the extra paperwork and workload related to every further crop, which minimizes complexity and administrative burden.

·       Smaller, diversified farms with a number of crops on fewer acres (e.g. 30 crops rising on 5 aces) require extra paperwork and energy for comparatively smaller fee returns.

Choice for *Giant-Scale Farms

Given these elements, insurers are extra more likely to desire working with bigger commodity farmers who:

·       Have bigger acreage however fewer crop varieties (e.g. 300-acre commodity farmers who solely develop three or 4 crops a 12 months).

·       Provide bigger, easier contracts that generate greater commissions with much less administrative overhead.

Drawback for Small-Scale, Diversified Growers

In distinction, insurers are much less more likely to desire working with small-scale growers with diversified crops on restricted acreage because of:

·       Greater paperwork and administrative burden for every crop.

·       Smaller general contracts with decrease insurer commissions because of their scale and diversification.

*Acknowledgement: Please word, we’re not disparaging giant farms that develop a small variety of crops. We’re extremely proud to be part of Georgia’s wealthy agricultural heritage and neighborhood. We’re merely looking for — and advocating for — insurance coverage options that equitably safeguard the pursuits of natural farms cultivating many, various crop varieties.



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